Creating connection between digital writing and the user: How can human qualities be translated back into digital textuality (something we see in handwriting and in letterpress typesetting), but at the same time, how can we challenge typographic choices meant for print, especially the static essence of typography on screen. 
Heart rate monitor created using Arduino Uno & the code written in Processing
My solution was to explore how the rhythms of the heart interplay with the type on screen. The type is therefore neither bold nor italic, but defined by the human individual. It is not rigidly set, but develops dynamically.
An essay and type specimen book
The project responds to the notion that typefaces are ready for change, and that future discourse should lead to non-referential type design. This project is just a speculation and aims not to predict the future, but to provoke discussion and suggest possibilities for digital textuality. 
Digital type specimen
Type specimen posters